Which are the supported databases in qt?

Qt5 supports SQLite, MySQL, DB2, Borland InterBase, Oracle, ODBC, and PostgreSQL.

The table below lists the drivers included with Qt. Due to license incompatibilities with the GPL, not all of the plugins are provided with Open Source Versions of Qt.

Driver nameDBMS
QDB2IBM DB2 (version 7.1 and above)
QIBASEBorland InterBase
QOCIOracle Call Interface Driver
QODBCOpen Database Connectivity (ODBC) - Microsoft SQL Server and other ODBC-compliant databases
QPSQLPostgreSQL (versions 7.3 and above)
QSQLITE2SQLite version 2
QSQLITESQLite version 3
QTDSSybase Adaptive Server
Note: obsolete from Qt 4.7

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