How to rotate YouTube videos in YouTube Studio Beta?

Rotate YouTube videos in YouTube Studio Beta. Very Easy. Step by step instructions.

1) Open your youtube channel in chrome browser
2) Click on Create Studio Classic
3) Click on Skip button
4) Go to Edit-Enhancements
5) Go to More tools-Developer tools or press CTRL+SHIFT+I
6) Go to 'Element tab'
7) Press CTRL+F
8) Type 'rotate'
9) Click on the 'search next' button until to see hidden="true" attribute
10) Double click on the 'hidden' attribute
11) Delete hidden="true" attribute.
12) Press ENTER key
13) Now you can see the rotate buttons
14) Close the console window
15) Click on the ROTATE  button and SAVE it.

Note: This will work with almost all browsers. I have done with chrome browser.

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